2013: Ultimate Ascent (Bot Name: Fris-Bot)
WAR made its debut within FIRST® robotics during the 2013 season which was during a game called Ultimate Ascent. Alliances would work together to attempt to shoot as many frisbee disks as possible into their goals during two minute and 15 second matches. Scoring discs in higher goals yields more points that the alliance will recieve. Then, during the near end of the match, each robot will try to climb the pyramids in the middle, scoring points based off of how high the robot climbed. WAR members participated in their first competition at Palmetto Reigonal at Myrtle Beach, where WAR ended the competition with a 3-5 record. The robot for SCRIW® (South Carolina Robotic Informational Workshop) could pick up frisbees from the human players and shoot them into the top goal, and climb one rung on the pyramid.