2017: Steamworks (Bot Name: Carrie Fisher)
FIRST® Steamworks is a steampunk themed game where robots attempt to deliver plastic gears to the pilot in the alliance's airship. Robots can also shoots whiffleballs resembling fuel into the boilers on the edges of the field in an attempt to break a stalemate to gain a small advantage over the opponent. During the last 30 seconds of the match, robots can climb the airships before the timer reaches 0 to gain an additional 50 points for each robot that has successfully climbed. In 2017, WAR won the Imagery Award at the Palmetto Regional, an award in memory Jack Kamen that awards a team for expressing their creativity. Team 4533 also participated in the Smokey Mountain Reigonals, where WAR placed 9th seed, making it our most successful year so far.