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Spreading the word of FIRST robotics and STEM is an important mission of Team 4533, which is why we participate in outreach events.

What is Outreach?

Members of Team 4533 participate in outreach programs, where the team showcases the robot at public showings. We present our bots to middle schools, libraries, and other public facilities in hopes to spread the message of FIRST robotics and engage more young minds into the rapidly growing STEM field. In the modern world, technology and skills in engineering are becoming increasingly sought after in the workforce. We encourage those in elementary/middle school or even those in their senior/junior years of high school to become involved in FIRST robotics to learn skills in engineering, teamwork, and leadership. For those still not in high school, we strongly encourage you to become involved in FLL (FIRST LEGO LEAGUE) or FTC (FIRST TECH CHALLENGE). Click HERE to get dates of outreach events 4533 will participate in.

Our Results

WAR encourages students to think outside the box for creative and innovative solutions to the problems presented before them.

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Our Awards

Throughout WAR's history, the team has been priveldged enough to be awarded numerous awards throughout the team's existance.

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